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February 26, 2014

Teacher OFFICES?! You Heard Me Right!

I know. You saw the title of this post and thought it was an oxymoron, right?! Teacher OFFICES?! Yes, you heard me right. And I’m not talking about big desks in classrooms. I am talking about real deal, bona fide offices. I frequently hear from…

February 21, 2014

Know Thyself: Adapt Your Systems

Last week in Memphis I met Parker C., a middle school teacher with a rockin’ Weekly Worksheet already in place. Clearly a man for a committed relationship, there was nary a Post-it Note in sight! Parker’s Weekly Worksheet had all the great…

February 12, 2014

App Review: WorkFlowy

There are just so many ways to make lists. Sometimes you have to even make lists of your lists (guilty as charged). But if you’re looking for a simple, digital way to maintain your lists, WorkFlowy may be the app for you.*  In their own…

February 7, 2014

The Downsides of Digital Stickies

You know my feeling about Post-it Notes: Resist the urge. Don’t do it. Sure, Post-its have their uses (annotating text, the occasional forced prioritization of three things you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO TODAY, coffee cup coasters), but in general, they…