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February 26, 2016

Scheduling Tools – Helpful or No?

One question that Together Leaders frequently ask is how to reduce the extraordinary amount of time they spend on scheduling. I feel this deeply. In my past life, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing assistant who understood my priorities…

February 19, 2016

Together Team: Revised Roles & Responsibilities

One way to keep a Together Team is with Sheena’s Annual Activities document. Today, we’ll take it a step further to see how Pamela I., Chief Talent Officer for Relay Graduate School of Education, pushes her team on common Togetherness…

February 17, 2016

Profiles in Togetherness – and How to Help!

I’m almost ten years into this work of writing, training, and coaching on Togetherness. I’ve seen a few patterns emerge. I’m hoping these somewhat cheeky, but all-too-true, Profiles in Togetherness might help those of you coaching others on…

February 12, 2016

What I Learned About Great PD At My Weekend Exercise Class

A friend recently invited me to guest pass into her fancy exercise class. Why not, right? And in the middle of my fortieth push up (and concurrent realization I was not as physically strong as I thought I was), I found myself thinking, “I would do…

February 11, 2016

Together Team: Document Your Annual Activities

As The Together Leader gets closer and closer to release, I want to highlight a few leadership tools I’ve never mentioned before on the blog. Worried about capacity, collisions or communication on your team? I definitely recommend creating an…

February 3, 2016

Reader Mailbag: How to Best Sort My Weekly List

Your emails, questions and comments have been rolling in! Time to resurrect the mailbag! Here’s one from Stacie, an instructional manager (and former principal and teacher) based in Baltimore! Click to enlarge  Dear…