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January 31, 2022

An Invention: Perfect Pouches

Among other things, during my 18+ days of quarantine and isolation in December, I got a little tiny bit stir-crazy. I generally kept myself together using this chart for the week.  I was mostly feeling fine, if not a bit fatigued, and it…

January 13, 2022

De-Decking (The Halls): Re-packing Imperfectly

It’s long been documented around here that I have a severe allergy to unpacking—and I’m comfortable not putting away clean laundry for a period of time that makes some people uncomfortable. Suitcases, groceries, laundry, the dishwasher,…

January 2, 2022

January Tips: Fire Alarms, Frosting & Feelings

Shared in our January 2022 Newsletter Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family, To the extent possible, we hope everyone is in the midst of a somewhat rejuvenating sabbatical – except popping online to read our newsletter, of course! After…