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June 25, 2018

Meeting Agendas: Before and After

As the school year winds to a close for almost all of us, it’s a great time to step back and evaluate your meeting structure for the next academic or fiscal year! Meetings are not intrinsically evil. But meetings that are not structured to…

May 23, 2018

Ashley’s Meeting Scope and Sequence

This month I’ve been hanging out a lot in Together Leader 2 Land. . . What is this land, you ask? Why, I’ll tell you! It’s a land focused on Team Togetherness. Ashley, a school leader in Indianapolis, takes us there with her Meeting…

July 28, 2017

Braxton’s Unplanned Meeting Notes Template

On my recent trip to Mississippi, Braxton S., a high school principal, showed off his Together System. Yowsa, look at that fancy Weekly Worksheet on the front page! More to come on this baby later. Braxton and his Together System! For now, I…

August 3, 2016

Make Your Meetings Less Evil

Meetings: the bane of a leader’s existence. Meetings are not intrinsically evil, but they are often poorly planned, lack alignment with goals and priorities, have no follow-through, and are a true time-waster. There are many tools out there to…

August 1, 2016

The Priority Plan: A Team Tool?  

For some crazy reason, I’ve not written about Priority Planning yet on this blog – and it is basically my favorite Togetherness habit (see Chapter 4 of the new book!) A Priority Plan is a short, simple and shareable way to articulate your…

May 11, 2016

Top Together Leader Takeaway Tip 4: Pause to Plan

Missed the other posts in this series? Start here, here and here to get the most out of these quick tips! Together Leaders in mission-driven settings have a LOT to do. They are managing as well as making, in hyper-ambitious but resource-limited…

January 28, 2016

Hot People: Four Ways to Be Nice AND Manage Your Time

One of the most telling exercises in my Together Leader workshops is when we list “Priority Crushers”—the last-minute events, unpredictable emergencies and other sudden To-Do’s that crush our well-intentioned big goals and…

July 24, 2015

Managing Your Time: Be Generous AND Ruthless

I’ve recently gotten to thinking about how leaders can be both generous with their time AND ruthless about using it well. Like most of you, I really enjoy helping people. I get ton of requests for time from people seeking career advice,…

June 16, 2015

Retreat of One: Is it Time?

Two of my favorite school leaders wrote me earlier this year about feeling completely overwhelmed toward the end of the school year. On the one hand, they face the immediacy of state and district testing, hiring new staff, report cards, parent…