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March 9, 2015

Taking Your Together Teacher System Digital!

Sometimes I get unfairly pegged as a paper-gal.  I actually write about digital tools all the time, like here and here and here and here.  And I even profiled Sarah’s fully digital Together Leader system here.

But it’s true that I have yet to feature a 100% digital TEACHER system. Until now.

One of my Twitter pen pals, Chris W., was kind enough to share his – built entirely in Evernote.

First, we have Chris’ Weekly Worksheet! He simply built my templates as tables within Evernote (more on that particular challenge below!).

Chris D Weekly Worksheet - Snippet 2
Click to see Chris’ entire Evernote Weekly Worksheet

Chris made a table for the weekend too!

Weekend Table SnippetAnd also a mini-version of an Upcoming To-Do List!

Things to Keep Moving Forward SnippetChris now has all of his Together Tools available in all the places he synchs Evernote: his phone, computer and tablet. Very, very cool!

Chris noted a few key challenges with Evernote:

The table function isn’t as flexible as I’d like it to be and it doesn’t print well.

But on the plus side,

I can link other notes to this page so my To-Do’s that include Meeting Notes or references to emails are easy to access.

Any other Together Teachers out there who’ve gone totally digital? What do you use?

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