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February 4, 2015

Fire Drills: Safe and Efficient—and Color-Coded!

There are a ton of resources out there on running safe and efficient fire drills, like this great student-friendly rules chart.  And we all know that all teachers should keep on hand a ready-to-go copy of the grab-and-go class roster.

But how can the person in charge, often the principal, quickly do a visual assessment to make sure all students are accounted for?

At KIPP Houston, I spotted these laminated charts hanging on a special hook by each classroom door.

Non Clear Sign - Edited
Exhibit 1: A laminated class roster and a red “Not Clear” sign
Clear Sign - Edited
Exhibit 2: A green “Clear” sign to signal when everything is all set

The lamination, color coding, and extra large font make it very efficient for the school’s administrators to ensure safety.

More often than not, the best systems are simple systems!

Reader Reflection: Do you do anything to make fire drills safer, more efficient, or more systematized?

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