Top Together Leader Takeaway Tip 3: You Deserve TWO To-Do Lists!

May 10, 2016

Missed the first and second posts of this short series? Don’t worry, you can still start here!

Most leaders I’ve met have stopped keeping one massive To-Do list. To-Dos are coming in from more directions than ever before. . . from email, from text messages, from meetings, from phone calls… You get the picture. Keeping track of To-Dos in a single location is a universally held best practice, but the most Together Leaders employ a second level of categorization. They keep a list for “now” and a list for “later.” The Later List is typically set up like a conveyor belt of work that’s organized by month. Leaders report that having TWO Lists is remarkably freeing!

Freeing, you might ask? A list is FREEING?!? How is that even possible? Because differentiating between what is essential for now versus what is for later shortens the list and paces the work. It also frees up your brain space to be present in the now!

Together Takeaway: Test out TWO To-Do Lists. Try our free Later List template here!