Sampling of Past Participants

Video Testimonials

Aisha Gayle Turner

VP of Regional Development, IDEA Public Schools

Sadiq Ali

Executive Director, Mentor MD DC

Erica Beal

Executive Director, School Leader Lab

Shawn Mangar

Founder and Principal of Baychester Middle School

Written Testimonials

Now, more than ever, we need to equip our leaders with tools and skills that can help them balance their professional and personal lives. The Together Leader meets school leaders where they are by providing a variety of examples, sprinkled with teaching nuggets and small group discussions followed by focused time to tailor the templates to fit their needs. It was great to work with Maia as she sought to understand the unique characteristics of the group and then designed the training accordingly. I am elated to offer this training to our leaders whose feedback has been extraordinarily positive.

Angelica Romero

Assistant Superintendent, San Antonio Independent School District

Maia's work has been instrumental to helping us develop stronger teachers and leaders at Public Prep. While many of the skills may seem like common sense, the ways in which people organize their time is essential to being able to truly focus on student outcomes. Organizing your tasks and time for effectiveness is not a skill that everyone learns equitably as they grow in their career. Maia's approach to togetherness is simple, effective, differentiated and her courses are super engaging!

Emilee Christopher

Chief Talent Officer, Public Prep Network

Thank you so much for the wonderful session! There literally was a sigh of relief that we felt afterwards...people really saw a light to making this work sustainable that they really couldn't find before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amy Clark

Principal, Veritas Preparatory Charter School

I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the together leader PD.  What I liked most is that it wasn't "one size fits all."  There were a variation of templates for different styles.  For example: when creating my later list, I used the template that I could write on because I am a pencil/paper girl.  Other chose a template they could type on because that fit their style.  In addition, Maia did not waste a moment! She started on time, ended on time, and laughed along the way.  I have been teaching for 14 years, and this was the best PD ever.  Usually, I attend a PD and put the materials away, but I found myself utilizing my materials after class, and doing the homework. It didn't feel like homework......I felt like I was getting my professional and personal life on track.

Christine A. Jones

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

I love that this course was offered online. It was EXTREMELY well organized, the length and the timing was SPOT-ON, and the structure was really fantastic – review, check-in, attendee example shares, discussion, small group share, ongoing and anonymous feedback/involvement via Nearpod, personal callouts of feedback, exemplar reviews, discussion, work time, previews, etc... It was honestly one of the best examples of a successful, interactive, and well-organized team effort for such a complicated training topic.

Course Participant

I’m just so grateful for your sessions. I can honestly say I’ve gotten everything I’d hoped for from them: sustainable, helpful, realistic tools and routines that help me prioritize, make more intentional decisions, and feel less anxious. I have found myself more ahead on communication and deadlines. I think I helped more people. I felt more calm during my evenings and mornings. I’ve also noticed that I feel more creative and intellectually “awake.” I think part of it is that I feel less anxious, and I think another reason is that I’m able to actually spend time reading and writing and thinking (vs. just doing more and more reactionary work).

Course Participant


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