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Are you a supporting team member who is tasked with both planning ahead and answering the phone every time it rings? In The Together Teammate, The Together Group Founder and CEO Maia Heyck-Merlin delivers a step-by-step action plan for school and nonprofit behind-the-scenes team members who keep things running smoothly! With clear advice, samples from operations and support roles, reflection questions and modifiable templates, this book will help teammates to strengthen their systems and keep all the trains running on time!

Readers will also find:

  • Strategies for refining their organizational and time management systems in order to best support the missions of their organizations
  • Techniques for planning ahead and prioritizing accordingly
  • Ways to juggle multiple proactive projects and maintain strong customer service

A comprehensive and practical guide for anyone who works behind-the-scenes in a mission-driven environment, such as nonprofits, schools, and foundations, The Together Teammate will also prove invaluable for project managers, IT associates, office managers, finance coordinators, executive assistants, chiefs of staff, and anyone who has both proactive and responsive aspects to their roles.