The Together Project Manager

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Are you struggling to keep it Together when managing projects? Do you find yourself building your Project as you go, rather than beginning with the end in mind? Are you struggling to keep track of who is doing what?

The Together Project Manager is a practical guide to keeping it Together while managing projects. This short-form project management book features useful tools and systems developed from Maia’s decades of experience as a teacher and CEO. In this e-book, readers will learn to:

  • Ask yourself useful Project Pre-Work Questions
  • Draft a Project Statement to align with your Participants
  • Write a Project Summary to finalize the project
  • Get clear about the actual project work that needs to be done
  • Figure out who is best positioned to take on which tasks
  • Determine how to communicate about the project work with your Participants
  • Determine which Project Planning tool is most effective for you
  • Decide which Project Columns are necessary for your project
  • Create Project Buckets to begin chronological project thinking
  • Break down Project Buckets into Project Tasks
  • Differentiate your project communication for various Project Stakeholders
  • Determine your method for launching your project into the world
  • Conduct a Weekly Project Review to keep tasks and the Project Team on track
  • Create and protect time to do your own Project Work
  • Design and implement Project Meetings and various forms of communication
  • Gather ongoing data to help inform outcomes
  • Facilitate a Project Debrief to consider successes and challenges
  • Codify learnings for the future

Best-selling author, CEO, and educator Maia Heyck-Merlin has decades of experience in helping people create personalized systems to stay on track, get organized, and stay happy. She presents to sold-out audiences who leave with practical tools and systems to be more effective at project management.