Who is the intended audience for your courses?

Anyone who engages in mission-driven work! We started out leading The Together Teacher workshops, but that quickly expanded to The Together Leader which supported school and district leaders. We now find that many of our course participants are nonprofit leaders who find the tools and strategies useful in their roles and work.

What are Together Group courses like?

Our online and in-person sessions are engaging, practical, and joyful. We work hard to share personal stories, give many relevant examples, and offer many choices to fit participants’ individual styles. Our class sessions are full of laughter and warmth, and participants often say they feel much calmer after spending a few hours with us!

The video at this link includes footage from our classes.

How much do Together Group courses cost?

For public offerings, see course listings. For private courses, cost varies depending on length of time, number of people, whether in-person or online, and level of customization. There is also a per person materials fee that includes a copy of Maia’s book relevant to the course, unlimited access to all customizable templates, and a dedicated class website. For more details, fill out our private inquiry form!

I am interested in attending as an individual or with a small group of colleagues. Do you offer something for me?

Yes! We offer a robust set of public courses, open to individuals and small groups from any school, district, or organization. If you have six or more participants enrolling in the same course, contact us for more information about group registration options. 

Are your courses online or in-person?

Currently all of our public courses are online using Zoom, Nearpod and dedicated class websites. We plan to resume some public courses in person in fall 2023, but will always offer online options. Our private classes can be booked online or in-person. While we never intended to move to online content delivery, the COVID-19 pandemic forced it, and we’ve learned that there are many benefits to online instruction! Online tools such as Nearpod and Zoom chat allow for engagement from each participant. Meeting on Zoom is an affordable option that saves in travel costs for your organization. That said, we also love meeting you in person and are glad to be resuming in-person courses.

What is the length of your courses?

Most public courses meet weekly for 90–120 minutes for 4–6 weeks. 

For online private courses, we keep each session to around 2 hours, and the number of sessions is determined during the booking process. In-person private courses are between 6-8 hours, including snack and lunch breaks!

Is there a recommended sequence for Together courses? Does Project Management come before or after The Together Leader / Teammate?

The Together Leader / Teammate / Teacher are courses that help individuals create a system to manage their own time and tasks. Together Project Management covers tools and strategies to help participants manage projects. We typically see people participating in The Together Leader / Teammate / Teacher course first, and then Project Management, but there’s no one right path! Each course stands alone, and you might want to pick which you register for based on whether you’re looking for support managing your own schedule and To-Dos, or whether you’re looking for support with project management tools and systems.

Should I read the book before attending a course?

It’s up to you! Reading the book is in no way a prerequisite for the course. You may want to consider reading the book during your participation, following along with the relevant chapter for each week’s content and tool. A copy of the book is included in our class materials, and it will be shipped to your home.

I have a conflict with one of the sessions of the course I’m interested in. Will the session be recorded?

Yes! We record all class sessions and make them available within 24 hours on our dedicated class website. They will remain posted there for six months.

Am I able to transfer my registration?

Yes! You are welcome to transfer your registration to another person from your organization anytime before the first class session. Just email workshops@thetogethergroup.com to request the switch.

What are your registration policies?

Please note that by registering, all participants agree to:

  • Ensure that The Together Group receives payment (or purchase order number) at least 7 days prior to the first class.
  • Complete a 30-45 minute pre-class survey. This is sent after registration is processed.
  • Recognize course materials are for individual limited license, and not for sale, distribution, or reuse.
  • Commit to attend and actively participate in all classes. We hope for cameras on during class, unless we are notified prior, and active participation in chats, breakout rooms, and collaborative boards. 
  • Note that participant can withdraw with a refund up to 30 days prior to first class, or transfer registration to another role-similar person in their organization any time prior to the first class if written notification is received.
Do you offer “train-the-trainer” classes?

Right now, we spend a lot of time intimately getting to know schools, districts, and organizations so we can tailor our approach to meet their needs. We do not currently offer any “train-the-trainer” classes, but we are open to this in the future.


Where can I purchase Together Group publications?

Check out the Books page for links to several different purchase options!

I purchased a book! How do I access the materials?

The Together Leader and The Together Teacher have associated tools and templates. These can be accessed via our publisher’s website, here for The Together Leader and here for The Together Teacher.

Do you have free resources available for teachers and leaders?

Yes! Check out our Together Toolkits which are a tight compilation of some of our key Togetherness Tools. We have versions for Teachers, Teammates, and Leaders; as well as a set of Project Management tools.


What does “Togetherness” mean?

In our view, Togetherness is a feeling we all want to achieve. You know how it feels when you have yourself Together, right? You feel planned ahead, you know what to prioritize when an emergency comes up, you can be flexible in the moment and articulate tradeoffs, and you build trust with your colleagues by being the person who always follows-up. This goes beyond simply “being organized,” and we think of it as a set of tools, practices, and mindsets that leads to strong professional outcomes and ensures you have a life as well!

What is time management for teachers?

The Together Group’s resources and time management workshops help teachers identify strategic ways to structure their time to maximize energy and effectiveness throughout the workday – allowing them to carve out more time outside of work as well!

How do I bring The Together Group to my school, district, or nonprofit?

Just ask! We are currently hired by school and district leaders, leadership development cohorts, and nonprofit organizations to provide learning experiences on topics of organization, prioritization and planning. You can see a full list of our offerings here

I’m a teacher or team member interested in your courses! How can I make a pitch to my district leaders?

Point out to them that providing tools to help their employees be more effective will help increase quality and quantity of work output, while also increasing staff morale! We have taught over 50,000 people over the years and have amassed a strong track record of success. This resource can help you make the case to your manager for your attendance.