5 Things I’m Loving This Week

Jul 28, 2015

After recently reading a few of these lists on my favorite blogs, I’m inspired to write my own! Tell me if you like it in the comments!

1. Nick’s Sticks. I’m in my most intense summer travel period, and these grass-fed beef jerky sticks often function as lunch when I’m on the move. They are not cheap, but I’m scared of the other beef jerky “stuff.”

2. Tina TurnerI’ve always been a huge fan, but Tina had fallen out of my regular rotation. A little “What’s Love Got To Do With It” is how I’ve started each day. Mirror and hairbrush microphone are optional.

3. My beloved five-year-old silver Birkenstocks. I hear they are officially back in style, but I’ve had my Birks for a long time. I faithfully have them re-soled every fall. After a long day of training, my size-10’s happily slide in to the foot bed and sigh with relief!

4. The Organized Mind. This may be the best “work” book I’ve read in 2015. I glaze over in some of the super-science sections, but the author does an incredible job explaining “the why” of Togetherness.

5. Homemade iced mint tea. No link here, but I’ve been making a LOT of iced mint tea (with a touch of honey) and pouring it into recycled glass jars to bring to the pool on the weekends. The bonus here is this trick is curbing my creeping afternoon iced coffee habit. (Which is not a bad habit on its own, but when you drink 2.25 cups of hot coffee in the morning, you should be cut off!)

What’s making your summer more relaxing? More productive?