A List of Stuff to Buy at Target: The Case for Thought Catchers

Sep 22, 2015

This August, I was frequenting Target at least once a week for last minute vacation amusements, birthday gifts, camp clothes for kids, and so on. While I do keep a Target list housed in Evernote, my husband and I never seem to synch up to tag team our visits. On one of my visits last month, I may have needed saline solution, Cheddar bunnies, business mailing envelopes and thank you notes. But who knew what was on his list??

Thought Catchers are great to use for people or teams with whom we interact frequently, but how about for catching some life stuff?! Ron G., a principal in New Orleans, makes a strong case for shared Thought Catchers. Ron and his wife, Leslie, house their Target, Whole Foods, and Costco lists in Google Keep, a simple note-taking app for Android or Google users.

Ron generously gave us a peek:

Ron describes,

We had lots of things that needed to be “caught” in a place we could both see and access at all times.  What’s cool is that the stuff we get each time we go can be unchecked when we need it again.  If I have to run to Costco one evening  for work, I can check this note and see we also need mouthwash at home. We also have one where we list movies we want to watch together so we don’t have to go searching OnDemand some Friday night.  Instead, we just check the list and watch.

Love this, and yup, yet another way Togetherness can help in personal relationships too! Thanks, Ron!

Do you need any personal or shared Thought Catchers?

PS: If you like this series, this case for the Comprehensive Calendar and this case for the Later List will help too! And this post on Noteability reviews another app you might like for thought catchers.