A Notebook That Goes in the Microwave?! Regan’s Rocketbook!

Oct 25, 2017

We’re longtime lovers of notebooks around here, both paper and digital. And now I keep seeing these MICROWAVEABLE notebooks pop up in my workshops! Luckily, Regan K., my good friend, awesome educator, and TNTP-er, is here to share her love for Rocketbook with us!

Regan + her Rocketbook!

Rocketbook’s website boldly describes this magical thing as “the world’s first intelligent reusable notebook!” You basically use your pen to take notes, select a destination (like Dropbox, Evernote, etc.), and scan your pages to the cloud! After that, pages can be erased (and thus later reused) with a drop of water or a zap of your microwave. Seriously!

So, how does the Rocketbook actually work in practice? Regan showed me a list she recently made for a friend’s baby registry. Here are her jottings:

Regan says she loves using Rocketbook because:

  • I can save or share my notes by scanning them to my email, Dropbox, OneNote, etc.
  • I can share lists like these with my friends via email.
  • I’m not wasting so much paper by using up notebook after notebook.

Regan also muses, “Using Rocketbook has also made me realize that I don’t generally need a lot of my handwritten notes after the first few days of taking them. The way I take notes and the nature of what I capture is pretty fleeting, so I often don’t even have to scan them anywhere, but I like to know that I could before erasing them all.”

I’m intrigued. . . While I’m on a bit of a journey to revisit my relationship with technology because of this amazing book, I also use quite a bit of paper for notetaking. In particular, I’m wondering if Rocketbook pages could be useful for me when I’m taking notes while facilitating.

I have STACKS of these notes that I review when I update materials, and I keep telling myself I will scan them all using my favorite phone-scanning app, but honestly, I never do. These notes are hugely valuable to me, and I do review them often. I think I would want a Rocketbook sheet that was NOT in a notebook, though. . . something I could fix to a clipboard instead.

Do you Rocketbook? Tell me more!

P.S. Hopefully this goes without saying, but this is NOT a sponsored-post because, well, I don’t do sponsored posts 🙂