An Invention: Perfect Pouches

Jan 31, 2022

Among other things, during my 18+ days of quarantine and isolation in December, I got a little tiny bit stir-crazy. I generally kept myself together using this chart for the week.

I was mostly feeling fine, if not a bit fatigued, and it was the holiday vacation. My kids were with their dad for a portion of the time, and – while I’m a well-documented non-neatnick – I do get annoyed when various pieces of games, puzzles, and such are missing, lost or re-homed in the long place. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BLOKUS, where when one piece was missing, the game was unplayable. [Sidenote: I called the manufacturer, and with zero fuss, they sent me the missing yellow piece. At least one thing worked as it should during my holiday break!]

But, why, oh, why, do we get so many games that come with a million pieces? Ziploc bags were just no longer cutting it, so in a grand experiment, I ordered these and updated my 15-year-old label maker to this baby. And boom, I was UNSTOPPABLE.

Emoji Uno with a broken box!? Perfect-pouched away.


Monopoly houses and hotels that sneak their way into the Legos?! Perfect-pouched away.


Special paint marker pens? Hmmmmm. . . maybe no pouch? I like mugs and other reusables for writing stuff.

My kids’ tech stuff that needs to live in their backpacks? Different kind of pouch.

These have truly saved me as my kids move between two houses and items can easily get lost. So, you get the picture? I’m not optimistic that companies will ever stop manufacturing items that are impossible to keep track of…so I offer the next best thing: Perfect Pouches. You heard it here first, folks.