April Together Tips: Clickers, Caves & Virtual Courses

Apr 24, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

Greetings from Together-ish (can that be a word?) Land. Why Together-ish, you may wonder? Well, just like the rest of us, I’m a little all over the place. I’ve been Semi-Schooling the children, bringing out the beloved clicker to teach almost 1000 teachers in the Together Teacher: Work From Home Edition virtual classes, and hiding in a cave working on another top secret hopefully helpful WFH project. More on that in about two weeks!

Additionally, while some of you are impressively turning out sourdough starters and knitting novelties, I have a new hobby – SHAVING MY SWEATERS. Seriously, why has no one ever before preached the meditative trance of removing pills from your beloved woolies?!

I’m also feeling extremely inspired by what some of my edu-colleagues are sharing with the world, especially Ify’s Mom’s School of Excellence and Matt’s 5-part family resilience series.

However you are choosing to stay centered, I’m thinking of you often. This extrovert Together Traveler misses you all madly, but please remember you’re invited to our Together Leader online courses running throughout May and June. Virtual summer options for leaders and teachers are posted, too – with more to come!

Feel free to reach out – whether to say hello, give a digital high five, or share more about what I can do to support you. I’m particularly interested in writing about how people are onboarding new hires and maintaining student and staff culture during extended school closures. So if you have thoughts, send them here!

Much Together Love to everyone,


P.S. Need T.P.? Thanks to Grant Varveris for sharing this laugh from the 8th grade team at Skinner Middle School in Denver!

Top Together Takeaways

  • Top Planning Toolkit: Check out this planning framework from my colleague Tresha W. as you and your team make decisions around COVID-19.
  • Top Productivity Pep Talk: Not feeling productive right now? That’s okay! Read why here.
  • Top Healthy Habit: If you hate long lists but love feeling accomplished, this Kanban planning method might be for you!
  • Top Balancing Act Tips: Teaching from home doesn’t mean working all day. Take a look at these tips for balancing your new routine.

Click here to reserve your own Together Training – virtual options available, too!