April Together Tips: Turmoil & Trade-offs

Apr 3, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

Ummm. . . hi. How ARE you? I almost don’t know how to begin, but maybe let’s start with my return to Ms. H-M. Or, perhaps my newly-installed lawn ornaments to provide joy to my neighbors? Or, maybe my struggle with my daily shoe choice? Just trying for a tiny bit of whimsy amidst this unprecedented situation. I sincerely hope you all are happy, healthy, and surviving.

Maybe you are just beginning online instruction, converting an entire organization to virtual workmanaging your own children at home, or rapidly distributing technology and meals to students. We hope some of our Pandemic Posts about shifting Together Tools, settling into a new schedule, or just a reminder that no school was built in a day are helpful.

I’d love to hear from you – whether to say hello, give a virtual hug, or hear what I can do to support you. I’m particularly interested in writing about how teachers are jugging the work-from-home situation, so if you have best practices or questions, please send them to me.

Much Together Love to everyone,

Ms. H.-M.

Top Together Takeaways

  • Top Together Author Faves: Some of my favorite author buddies have offered videos for online learningresilience challengesreluctantly homeschool-ing, and setting up low key homeschool.
  • Top Connection Tip: New to video chatting?  These tips for communicating digitally with your students may help!
  • Top Home-Space Tip: Did you see this article from the New York Times about remaking your space during our extended time at home?
  • Top Distance Learning Tips: Are you homeschooling?  Check out these tips to make this transition a smoother process.
  • Top Self-Care Tips: Here is some advice from the CDC on emotional health during our current crisis.

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