April Together Tips: Witnessing, Wondering & What-You-Will-ing

Apr 5, 2021

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

A text exchange between me and my college bestie broke my heart in two last week. Witnessing her strength for her three young kids, her huge job, and her entire extended family this week – while also constantly dealing with micro and macro aggressions as a “model minority” – is causing her, and so many others, to suffer the weight of the world each day.

As racism and misogyny enabled by gun violence rear their heads yet again, continued tragedy at our country’s borders, and the pandemic rages on, I’m wondering hard about the priorities of elected officials, unelected community leaders, and everyday citizens. As someone who is moved more by individual stories than statistics, I happened to have finished Angie Kim’s debut novel on the day of the mass violence in Atlanta; and her personal plea moved me to tears and reminded me to not jump to lighter topics. Similarly, I’m a long time Christine Koh fan (Edit Your Life anyone?), and I found her vulnerability about internet hibernation powerful.

Alongside all of the work the Together Community is doing, I also know – because I teach with you all every day – that we are all so very tired. Even when I sleep my requisite 7.25 hours a night (my body’s average!), eat kale for breakfast (also true, every single day), get fresh air each morning (mostly), and have one of my kids back in school four days a week, I’m still beat.

Maybe we all need other kinds of rest, too? Possibly creative rest. Maybe some nature rest. I also explored this book about rest, and while it’s geared more toward corporate types, I found the portions on focused work, morning routines, and deep play helpful. This was also a compelling read, and while I may never be a birder, the tips were still strong – especially this quote and illustration from the Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions: “For example, the push for an 8-hour workday in 1886 called for ‘8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, and 8 hours of what we will.’” My “what we will” time is often playing with my cats, talking to my house plants, and watching online beauty tutorials. My author bestie Elena Aguilar is also offering a no-cost Feel Better course. What’s your feel better right now?

Need more of this? Join us in April for our next round of open enrollment Together Trainings. We’ll help you build in time for rest, whatever kind you need.

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