Ashley’s Meeting Scope and Sequence

May 23, 2018

This month I’ve been hanging out a lot in Together Leader 2 Land. . . What is this land, you ask? Why, I’ll tell you! It’s a land focused on Team Togetherness.

Ashley, a school leader in Indianapolis, takes us there with her Meeting Matrix for the remainder of the school year. Let’s take a peek. . . *

I had two questions for Ashley:

Maia: Why on earth plan out the rest of the year?

Ashley: It helped me realize that I need to be more strategic with my meetings to support educators on many levels.  It is helping me to drive change by being more intentional with my time and my support.

Maia: And perhaps the harder question is why bother laying these meetings out side-by-side?

Ashley: The All-Inclusive Scope is going to help me better align my meetings to support teachers throughout multiple avenues.  It also is helpful to have all of my scopes in one place rather than floating throughout. While I keep a more detailed scope for each specific meeting type, this one allows me to see a large-scale overview.

This is a great time of year to lay out the totality of your meetings for the rest of the year. So, how do you do it?

First, download our template hereOnce you click the link, be sure to right-click on the document and select “Download.”


  • Make a list of all of your recurring meetings across the X-axis
  • List all weeks down the Y-axis. You will likely note some dates that are holidays or special events.
  • Walk through each type of meeting and fill in predictable topics, such as budget, data review, and celebrations.
  • Review and see where there is overlap, collision, and/or input needed.
  • Present to your team and gather feedback.

Meetings take time, so let’s make them good!

*P.S. Here is a key to Ashley’s acronyms.

LA = Lower Academy (PreK-2ndGrade)

UA = Upper Academy (3rd– 6thGrade)

PLCs = Professional Learning Communities

GLIs = Grade Level Instructional Meetings

1:1s = Coaching One on One Sessions