Behind-the-(Bathrobe)-Scenes of The Together Project Manager!

Oct 20, 2021

As you may have heard, our Tiny Together Team just launched a new book right over here!

We are deeply proud of this 180-or-so pages of Project Management goodness (come join us for a Together Talk next week!), but we thought you, our dear reader, might be interested to see behind-the-scenes of how we pulled this off. Including yours truly downing a LOT of my favorite beverageposting some bathrobe-clad video footage of final edits, and making a more formal introduction video! 

With NINE kids under the age of ten (read: unvaccinated and could-at-any-moment-have-classrooms-closed-close-contact-quarantine-etc!) between our project manager, graphic designer, book editor, samples creator, and web developer, it included:

  • Multiple deadline adjustments, including one big summer shift in timeline when the Canadian border opened up and our book editor was able to finally see her mother-in-law after two years

  • Many evenings and weekends spent working, including the actual Amazon upload process, texts back and forth on graphics.

  • The author (me!) hiding away in her home state to finish the text. This included some moral support love notes from the entire team, and some serious page count goals.

  • Iterative design process to land the gorgeous cover and layout! I’m blessed/lucky to have a lot of people with opinions about my brand (including my college bestie who is a creative director for a huge global ad agency), and I got in touch with many of them for advice.

  • Reaching out for help as needed. I’m a well-documented extrovert, and being able to brainstorm with the Together Team on moving content around and other edits was super helpful.

And in the end, thanks to constant communication, maximum flexibility, tons of grace, and a lot of daily updates, we are proud to put this book in your hands. It is designed to be optimized on the free Kindle app, and we recommend purchasing it over here. You CAN buy a print copy, but we anticipate Amazon will charge heavily for that – because of the color and design. Huge thanks to Maggie, Chad, Manuel, Emily, Marin and Kendra for bringing The Together Project Manager to life! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

PS What book should I write next?