DEEP Admin Time: Do You Need Some?

Apr 26, 2024

We have all heard the phrases Life Admin, Cave Time, and Infrastructure Weeks at this point, but let me coin a new one for you — DEEP Admin.  A few weeks ago, I had several evenings to myself (the reality of divorced parenting life is my biological kiddos were on spring break with their dad, which had us down to two kids, so I had a little extra time) and my usual downtime activities of baking, crafting, and reading were not calling to me, but you know what was? MY PERSONAL GMAIL INBOX. I’m not an Inbox Zero gal in any way (because seriously, where is the joy in that?), but things had gotten a little outta hand since a busy teaching spree in early fall.

To be clear, the basics were already sorted.

  • Unsubscribed to almost all junk mail.
  • Notifications remain turned off – always and forever.
  • Basic labels are used, but only if I really need to recall emails quickly.
  • Items requiring time-sensitive actions had been addressed.

And yet, there was MORE lurking deep in the dark, dark Gmail inbox, such as:

  • An online Visa gift card my sister sent to my daughter that I would NEVER use unless I converted it to. . . Amazon credit. This only took a minor bit of googling, but now that $30 will be used thoughtfully.
  • A scan of an emergency contact information form for my son’s school that has been waiting since September to be updated with his stepmom and step-father’s contact information. Boom, went into Synergy to update, locked out, but all thanks to the school secretary for her help!
  • A reimbursement form for the 8th-grade Graduation Social I’m in charge of at one of my kids’ schools. I had submitted a contractor deposit last December, and the process for getting paid back was cumbersome. Printed that form and popped it in the mail!
  • Two emails from mentors of mine that required letter-writing levels of attention. I created actual enveloped / stamped notes and got those into the MAIL!
  • A review requested from the lovely travel agent who helped us plan our family’s homegoing to Ireland in November. She had asked nicely several times, and I know positive reviews matter hugely for small businesses. I took 7 minutes to write her a raving Google review.

This took about 60 minutes, one good podcast, and one seltzer – and boy, I felt great after. Do you have any DEEP Admin you want to get off your plate this spring? Tell me more!