Diana’s Weekly Round-Up

May 14, 2015

A few weeks back in NYC, I bumped into my old friend, Diana H., a curriculum designer at Relay Graduate School of Education. She raved about how she’d resurrected the habit of holding a Weekly Meeting with herself. Diana uses her Weekly Round-Up time to plan her Weekly Worksheet and prepare her check-in agenda for her Monday meeting with her manager.

To be sure, Diana already had some strong systems in place. But as she put it,

My weekly review and preview time started to feel a little adrift. I’d started calendaring the time, but then reallocating it and not doing the tasks.

I hear this from so many other busy leaders and teachers! So, what did Diana do to get herself back on track? She made herself a great little tracker to match her Round-Up agenda.

I asked Diana why she went through the trouble. Her response:

I wanted something that would feel satisfying to complete and be pretty to boot. The little X’s that make the boxes green is a super satisfying and simple conditional formatting trick!

In addition to a well-planned week, Diana gets a great sense of fulfillment knowing how she will prioritize her tasks and plan her time for the days ahead.

Hey, whatever motivates you is worth it in my book!