Everyday Objects: Blue Tape For $3.87!

Oct 26, 2012

We teachers are always trying to make our classrooms more efficient—and less expensive!

I recently visited several great schools in Brooklyn where I spotted multiple uses for blue painter’s masking tape.

Check out the mileage you can get for just $3.87!

You can…

  • Mark student traffic patterns. Moving students (of any age) around the classroom can quickly result in chaos. For more organized transitions, use blue tape to mark standing spots and traffic patterns.

  • Create dividers on white boards.  Massive white board space can get very messy, very fast. These elementary and middle school teachers used blue tape to organize the board so students would know exactly where to look for aims, agendas, and assignments.

  • Enhance your instruction. This teacher used blue tape to make a clear divider for a class graph.

I don’t plan to start blue-taping my entire apartment…yet…but it IS tempting, isn’t it?

For a very small cost, blue tape can help your classroom run more smoothly—so you can focus on the most important parts of teaching!

Together Teacher Sharing Question: Are there any inexpensive, everyday objects for which you have found multiple classroom uses? Tell us about them and send us pictures!