FAQ: Falling Off and Getting On Again?

Oct 1, 2012

It happens to all of us.

You have the best intentions to be “Together,” and then, something happens. You get sick, you travel all weekend, a friend pays you a surprise visit, you watch too many episodes of Homeland (ummmm. . . whoops!).

Whatever the reason, something stops you from being as Together as you’d hoped you’d be.

Today’s Question: You have a bad week . . . or a bad month. How can you resume your “Togetherness?”

Today’s Answer: Here are a few things we have seen help teachers get “re-started” after facing a roadblock:

  • Have a clear Plan B. Can’t have a full Weekly Round-Up? Is there a three step version you could try that takes 20 minutes, instead of 45-60? Some teachers even write out this Plan B so they can whip it out necessary.
  • Clear a chunk of time to regroup, preferably if you can see the storm coming. If you know you will be traveling three weekends in a row or you’re do for an intense stretch of supervising after-school activities, block a time in your calendar to gather up and start again.
  • Remember and visualize the benefits. Think back to that time when you were more Together and how much it benefitted your students—and your life! Remind yourself, or have a buddy remind you, that pausing to plan WILL help!

Together Teacher Reflection Question: When times were tough (either predictably or unpredictably), how have you re-started?