February Together Tips: Serendipity, Skiing & Social Ties

Feb 8, 2021

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

As the lady who used to strike up conversations with her airplane seatmates (yep, that was ME!), who once found love by chatting someone up on the F train in the East Village, who knows her UPS driver’s name, favorite snacks, and children’s names, I REALLY miss chatting – or, what The Atlantic calls social serendipity. Despite working hard to stay in touch with my inner wolfpack of women via WhatsApp, Haiku, BitMaia, and joyful photos – I still feel a little out of it. Extravert + Enneagram 3, anyone?

So, to keep us ALL connected, The Together Team has created a private Facebook group for anyone who has ever attended a Together Training at any time ever before! Since that is almost 50,000 people (wow!), there are a few security questions required for entry. But please come hang! Ask questions! Share photos! Post videos! Hit us with all of your Togetherness Truths.

As many of us lean into Black History Month, I’ve got my focus – per usual – on children’s literature. (Sidenote: Did you know I used to really want to be a YA author? I spent summers reading manuscripts for children’s publishing companies). As a former fifth grade teacher, this book was my favorite to read with my kiddos. I could never articulate why my students and I loved it so much until this article helped me spell it out. Historical fiction at its finest. And as an admired colleague of mine said recently, “May folks remember there is more to Black history than pain and suffering.” Kids’ books that feature pure joy, like the kind found in the Watson family, while also acknowledging our history – are often the way to do just that.

February feels loooooonggggg to me, so I’ve built in some simple traditions to keep myself afloat. Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday, but I’m celebrating anyway. I may or may not have gone all in with a hot pink tree and a LOT of arts and crafts. Tuesday evenings are now known as the February Film Series night, where the kids can choose takeout and a movie that is NOT ABOUT YOUTUBE GAMERS. And, I’m pretty proud of myself for trying something entirely new—and slightly terrifying– here and here.

Maybe, just maybe, spring is around the bend. Our new Together Trainings (entirely online) are posted here. Join me. It is pretty darn fun. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a moment of levity wherever I can get it right now.

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PS More and more of my favorite newsletters have gone to Substack! Is this something I should consider doing?

PPS I’m contemplating some Together Human Case Studies, a la one of my favorite hippie homesteading blogs. Would anyone be up for writing in their situation? Email me here!

PPS I have to use Flipgrid for my Girl Scout Troop’s Thinking Day! Help! Anyone have advice?

Together Treasure Box (From the Blog!)

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