Five Things I Learned When My iPhone was Run Over by a Car

Jan 28, 2016

In an unfortunate turn of events last week, my iPhone was run over by a car. It’s a long, crazy story* (any Mo Willems fans get the reference?), but for a number of other long, boring reasons, it took me three days to get a new phone.  In no specific order, here is what I learned:

  1. It is very, very hard to park your car when you are dependent upon a mobile parking app. I was scrounging for quarters.
  2. It was impossible for me to see how far and how fast I was running. This was actually a welcome change.
  3. It was tough for me to listen to music.
  4. I have not learned my way around DC and Maryland at ALL in my 2.5 years of living here.
  5. My girlfriends text me a LOT.

Outside of the Longform app (I’m obsessed), I don’t use my phone for much “fun.” For example, I don’t keep any social media on my phone. However, I do use it for a ton of functional things. And not just the basics, like calendar, contacts and camera; I’ve really started to take advantage of various efficiency apps, and without my phone in hand, I really felt the burn.

But ultimately, I was okay. Maybe I had to do things the old-fashioned way—pack a few more quarters, look at maps in advance, and tell people I’m not “find-able,” but perhaps it was all part of a sign from the universe** to slow down?

*While paying for my taxi from the airport to home, I ended up tipping my driver in cash. This caused me to have to dig in my bag in the dark for my cash envelope. Which caused me to not place my phone in the correct spot and put it on top of a bag. Which caused my phone to fall on the street. After Find My iphone infuriatingly told me for 24 hours that my phone was in my house, I finally found it on the street. Smashed to bits. Blech.

**My best friend Amy frequently attributes technology-related mishaps to signs from the universe. She lived in Myanmar for three years and I frequently appreciate her non-Western take on these issues!

PS – Try this out to avoid dropping your phone like me!