George’s Weekly Worksheet and Tul System!

Nov 7, 2017

I recently re-bumped into George, a decade-plus experienced teacher plus curriculum director for 3rd and 4th grades at Crescent City in NOLA. His Together Teacher system is impressive.

George kindly sent me his school photo from this year! Hi, George!

Given that I’ve met George several times over the past decade-plus, including back in the underground Together Teacher years, I was curious see how he keeps himself Together.

Here’s what I found out!








George’s Tul system, with tabs

George uses Office Depot’s Tul disc-bound system, which is similar to an Arc or an upscale Levenger. You can see he keeps tabs on (heh, heh, pun intended) important information he needs for both action and reference throughout the week!

I’m sure you’re curious about that first page. I was too. Here’s a closer at George’s Weekly Worksheet.

A closer look!

George uses his Weekly Worksheet to plan ahead and keep track of all of his responsibilities: “I have a million thoughts, questions, and appointments throughout the day, and if I didn’t have my Weekly Worksheet, I would forget them all.  This gives me a clear picture of what is happening each day, including my personal time off work!”

I’m sold.

George uses a blended model with a digital calendar and a paper-based to-do list. Here’s how: “I use the Tul Notebook to keep all my essential documents together (with my Weekly Worksheet on top), but I use Google Calendar to store all upcoming events.  I screenshot my calendar and insert it into my Weekly Worksheet so I always have it in front of me. Before each week, I start a fresh Weekly Worksheet and transfer all upcoming dates, action items, and thoughts that I haven’t finished to the new sheet.  This keeps it fresh in my mind.”

George, thanks for the inspiration, AND the exposure to another yet another adult Trapper Keeper!