Get a Free Sneak Peek of Kickboard’s Starter Account!

Nov 13, 2012

Have you ever wanted one system to track academic and behavior data? Have you ever wondered how you can capture a student’s progress outside of academics?

After a year in beta, Kickboard is launching FREE Starter Accounts for individuals and small teams of teachers.

Best of all, they want to give members of The Together Teacher community a sneak peek and their own Starter Account before they launch.

We think Kickboard is very cool, and now there is an opportunity for individuals—teachers whose schools may not have a technology platform available, but are craving a better system. We initially featured Kickboard a few months back, and you can read more here.  I would have personally loved something like this back in the year 2000 when I was hand-writing all of this stuff into grids and using a calculator to analyze my data. As always, we don’t recommend any products that we haven’t reviewed closely ourselves, and we are not compensated for endorsements. 

Details for a Sneak Peek. Please join Kickboard founder and CEO and former teacher Jen Medbery for an exclusive Starter Account sneak peek on Monday, November 19 at 5pm ET. She’ll show you how Kickboard can help you measure student progress, plan timely interventions, collaborate with colleagues, and maintain a consistent classroom culture. You can register for the live demo or to receive the on-demand recording. After the webinar, you will receive a link to sign up for your free account.

Feel free to share this invitation with other forward-thinking teachers in your school, district, or professional learning community.

See below for some nifty screenshots of what Kickboard can do for you!

Using the Daily Activity page, teachers can record behaviors, notes, or parent contacts with a single-click. Any record is added in real-time and immediately visible to other teachers on the Starter Account. Behaviors can also be tied to point values to streamline incentive systems.

Kickboard’s academic analysis tools let teachers go one level deeper than a traditional gradebook. By looking at student performance on specific standards and learning objectives, teachers can develop action plans for re-teaching and individualize instruction.

Kickboard’s Character Reports display detailed behavior and academic information collected by every teacher on a Starter Account with students and their families.

The Student Profile gives every teacher on a Starter Account a real-time, comprehensive understanding of their students’ performance.