Giveaway Contest! Communicating with Families! [Reply by November 15]

Nov 5, 2013

As you all know, I don’t often throw down and really recommend books and products unless I love them. And since I don’t accept advertising or sponsorships, I’ve got the privilege of being very picky about what I share with you, dear readers.*Phoning Parents

So I’m pretty psyched to have an AWESOME booklet recommendation: It’s called Phoning Parents: Five High Leverage Moves to Transform Your Classroom and Restore your Sanity. It’s a terrific primer for teachers new and old on the when, how, and why you could and should proactively reach out to the families of your students.

Why I Love This Book(let)

1. It is HIGHLY practical.

You know I’m into this! For example, it gives you “Six Moves That Work” – like the Check-in Call, the Praise Call, and the Correction Call. The author even provides a script for each type of call. And if you are a non-believer, the easy-to-digest data and research around how calling will improve both academic results and student relationships will convince you.

2. It thoughtfully refutes all the common excuses (10 to be exact) we come up with for why not to call parents.

For example, I used to be worried I would get stuck on the phone with a well-intentioned but “Overly Chatty” parent. Well, the author provides a wonderful script about how to set expectations at the beginning of the call—and you can still sound warm and welcoming!

3. The booklet describes how to actually fit these calls into your teaching life.

Using terms like “high dosage” and “low dosage,” it literally tells you when and how you could plot them on your calendar. This is honestly one of the first books for teachers that practically considers when you could actually do what the book is telling you to. Hear, hear!

Intrigued?! Want a copy?! Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got three to give away!

Contest! Reply by Friday, November 15!

In the comments section, in 200 words or fewer, please describe how you make time to keep in touch with families OR if you currently do not, why you think it is important and what’s holding you back. Please include your first name and last initial. We will randomly select winners on Friday, November 15. US addresses only are eligible for copies, but we would love to hear from everyone. Good luck and have fun!

*Full disclosure: The awesome folks at MATCH Education are dear clients of mine and were early adopters of my work. I have the privilege of training their Teaching Residents each year, and I think they produce some darn good teachers. However, all opinions are my own.

Update: Kristin B. (#2), Ashley D. (#4) and Alex M. (#16) are our winners!  Thanks to everyone for sharing!