Hey, What’s That Around Your Neck?

Mar 4, 2014

How many of you out there use your smartphone as your system?

Ever find yourself lamenting a particular outfit’s lack of pockets as a result? Too embarrassed to wear that old school holster? Or maybe, just maybe, you kept your phone in your back pocket until that one fatal trip to the restroom that ended with its drowning?

Smartphones are convenient, to be sure, but they’re also difficult to always have on your person. The Together Teacher answer: Lanyards!

I spotted this particular lanyard last fall at Collegiate Academies in New Orleans, and I fell in love immediately! All teachers need lanyards for keys, pens, and other such stuff. But THIS one has room to physically hook in your phone—making your system highly portable (and significantly less subject to fashion ridicule and potty plunges).

Let’s zoom in and see how it works.

A close up

Frescia’s portable system in action as she teaches high school all day

Run to Amazon (or wherever!) and grab a phone-friendly lanyard. You can go less expensive with this version, spend a little more money on this option, or you know, glitz it up like this.