I LOVE This Elephant & Piggie Email

Nov 13, 2015

Since we’ve been taming the e-mail beast bit-by-bit around here, I wanted to share a personal one that just hit my inbox. It’s from one of my good friends, Anne L., who lives here in the DC burbs.

There are so many reasons this email made me very happy on a Monday morning, the biggest of which is that I love Elephant & Piggie – and so do my kids. But outside of that, this is a great friend email because:

  1. Anne offered specifics. She gave the actual show, date, and time she wanted to attend.
  1. Anne gave a deadline. She let us know that if we didn’t get back to her by end-of-day, then she was proceeding without us. This is brilliant. I have frequently offered dates for social activities to friends, but then don’t hear back for forever, which holds the date hostage and prevents us from scheduling with other people. But Anne is moving forward!
  1. Anne is nice. I don’t really need nice emails, but I so appreciate her warm greeting and smiley face.

Just like you, I use email personally as well as professionally. It might feel formal at first to write emails like this to your friends, but this one saved us at least 20 back and forth messages.

Thanks, Anne! We look forward to seeing Elephant & Piggie with you!

PS Anne is a rock star former teacher and principal.