Inside Sage’s Clipboard: A Super, Duper Student Tracker

Mar 18, 2015

Remember when we got a peek at Sage’s Clipboard Contraption?

I promised I would someday reveal what she stored in there…today is that day!

Like Jenny, Sage is super smart about informally tracking student progress in her small reading groups. Check out Sage’s Super Duper Reading Tracker!

Let’s look more closely at how she does it:

Sage designed this tracker for her Leveled Literacy Intervention groups to be completed at various points over the course of the week:

  • Column 1: Time – This is the meeting time of the small reading group.
  • Column 2: Step Level – This is the reading level of the group.
  • Column 3: Weekly Attendance – Sage shared, “The weekly​ attendance is done as I’m picking up each student. I use it to check off if a student is ​absent or present on the spot so I don’t create a paper back up.”
  • Column 4: Daily Lesson Numbers & Books – Sage says, “​The daily lesson #’s/books are planned during my weekly meeting with myself.”
  • Column 5: Weekly Reading Record – This is where Sage records the actual results of the lesson for fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. She says, “The weekly reading records are filled in each Wednesday. If a student is absent, I put a circle in the Wednesday column, which lets me know that we still need to complete the reading record.”

Sage also puts data into play: “I turn in the whole form to ​ my supervisor on Friday afternoons. ​This allows us to compare student reading records from week to week and collect data for RTI (Response to Intervention) in one single place.”

And because I cannot resist asking, “How does this save you time each week?”

After each weekly meeting with myself, I know exactly which books I am pulling for what group, and what reading record makeups I may need to do at the beginning of the week for students who missed it the week before.

I know that many of you have to do formal instructional tracking or enter data into online forms, but this seems really wise for in-the-moment teaching! I love how Sage’s tracker makes instruction stronger AND saves her time in the process!

Want to try out Sage’s tracker? Find a version here!

Reader Question: How do you track student attendance and progress on-the-spot and on-the-go?