January Tips: Fire Alarms, Frosting & Feelings

Jan 2, 2022

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

To the extent possible, we hope everyone is in the midst of a somewhat rejuvenating sabbatical – except popping online to read our newsletter, of course! After a colorful closing to our 2021 courses, I’ve been in isolationquarantine, and celebrating a carport holiday for much of the break. Truth be told, I’m pretty tired (aren’t we ALL?!), so I’ve been recovering and passing the time completing this, watching this, making these, and finishing thisthis, and this.

While our monthly newsletter takes vacation in January (you can still find me on Instagram and Facebook!), we wanted to let you know about 2022’s Together Trainings. These online courses provide multiple weeks of skills practice, connections with new networks of great people, and plenty of jokes, Moira Rose meets Mrs. Frizzle fashion statements, and Together Tips!

If you have requests for our spring offerings, you can influence the timing of our trainings. Email me and let me know what you’re looking for! And, of course, it is never too soon to consider booking your summer Together Trainings!

PS Looking for a New Year’s gift for a colleague? Send our latest e-book, The Together Project Manager, to their Kindle app with the touch of a button. (Consider it a gift to yourself, as well, if it’s for someone with whom you collaborate on projects!)

PPS I can’t wait to launch the Maia’s Mailbox micro newsletter later this month! I’m still taking submissions for the first issue – fill out this Google form with your Togetherness challenges or dilemmas, and you could get some advice AND help others too!

“I just wish the training was longer! It was the most engaging professional development course I’ve ever taken. So beneficial!”

“So much gratitude. Last week’s training was the best part of my week. It was a relief to feel someone was navigating the storm calmly and confidently. The general vibe from Maia alone was impactful. Wish I could have a “desktop Maia.” All of the tangible tools were also very helpful.”

Excited to hang Together on Zoom and Nearpod? In the next few months we’re offering Together LeaderTogether Team MemberTogether Teams, and Together Project Management! More details below including some insider tips on intended audience for each:

  • Together Project Management: January 11 – February 15 (6-week course on Tuesdays)
    • Designed for anyone looking for project management tools focused on investment, communication, and planning for a specific project of participants’ choosing
    • A great follow-up if you’ve taken Together Leader or Together Team Member, but these are not prerequisites
  • The Together Leader: January 11 – February 1 (4-week course on Tuesdays)
    • Our most popular course to help leaders plan, prioritize and protect their time
  • The Together Team Member: January 24 – February 14 (4-week course on Mondays)
    • Offering the same tools as Together Leader, this class is designed for colleagues in supporting roles, such as assistants, operations team members, chiefs of staff, and other back office team members
  • BRAND NEW OFFERING!  Together Teams: March 1 – March 15 (3-week course on Tuesdays). For the first time ever, we are offering an open enrollment course on Priority Plans, Meeting Matrixes and Communications Agreements—our Team-level tools!
    • Focused on supporting a culture of Togetherness, this class is appropriate for individuals or for teams from the same organization who are looking to align around priorities, meetings, and communication norms
    • Works well as a standalone course, or is a great add on to our Together Leader or Team Member course
“I was VERY impressed by the facilitation of a virtual session — between turn and talks, cold calls, and wait time, it managed to include so many of the hallmarks of effective facilitation and, honestly, transcended the virtual format. Truly, I was impressed and inspired.”

 You may want to sign up yourself or pass this info along to others if you… 

  • Recently attended a Together Training and thought of a friend or colleague who may also benefit from a dose of Togetherness!
  • Hosted a Together Training in the past few years – but want to send some new hires who missed it!
  • Could use a tune-up on Together Tools and routines.

Click here for more details and to find individual registration links.

See you in February with our usual dose of tips and links!

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session! There literally was a sigh of relief that we felt afterwards…people really saw a light to making this work sustainable that they really couldn’t find before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”