January Together Tips: Together Truths & Winter Offerings

Jan 7, 2021

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

This was the intended newsletter greeting, “Hello 2021! You’re actually here!” And then, as we were about to hit publish. . .

As I was Zooming with a class of 100+ leaders in San Antonio on Wednesday, my phone (typically put away when teaching) started blowing up. When I finally peeked at it, my jaw dropped as I read about the domestic terrorist assault going on just 8 miles from my home. My co-hosts and I quickly texted back and forth during a break. As we talked about how to discuss any of this with our own children, one said, “I already know the questions my fifth grader will ask. Why didn’t the police treat these ‘protestors’ like the others marching for Black Lives Matter? I’m not ready for that conversation.” [Sidenote: meet her kiddo here on our blog!] The other replied, “No kid should have to ask that question, and no parent should have to have that conversation.”

And that is the truth. And yet we must.

For those of you wading through centuries of racism and double standards in our country and having brave conversations with colleagues, students, and your own children today, I wish you strength and love.



Because many of you have asked about our winter programming, our regular short and sweet January newsletter follows. Because Togetherness can help us rejuvenate and sustain.

While our regular newsletter takes vacation in January (you can still find me on Instagram and Facebook!), we wanted to let you know about 2021’s Together Trainings. These online courses provide multiple weeks of skills practice, connections with new networks of great people, and plenty of jokes, clog fashion statements, and Together Tips!

If you have requests for our spring offerings, you can influence the timing of our trainings. Write me here with your ideas!

Excited to hang Together on Zoom and Nearpod? Recent Online Participants say:

  • “Thanks, Maia! Your facilitation is AMAZING. You are so intuitive and responsive to your audience–you build authentic connections throughout the session and people feel seen, heard, known, and respected. You have a strong and healthy banter and offer so much wisdom but are incredibly humble. Amazing and well done. Thank YOU!”
  • “I truly appreciated how you were super engaging while also having a yoga teacher calming presence!”
  • “Maia you are amazing! This is my fourth time getting togethered, and it is so important. It is refreshing and has re-energized me in my work. Appreciate you so much and how honest you are about your own life being a mom.”
  • “I really appreciate Maia’s energy, passion, and enthusiasm. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and that I can do this! I can get organized and balanced!”

You may want to sign up yourself or pass this info along to others if you…

  • Recently attended a Together Training and thought of a friend or colleague who may also enjoy!
  • Hosted a Together Training in the past few years – but want to send some new hires who missed it!
  • Need a tune-up on Together Tools and routines.

Click here for more details and to find individual registration links.

See you in February!