January Tips: Travels, Trainings & Tidying

Jan 9, 2024

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family

Some of you are fully back in the swing of things, and others may have intentions for a gentle January. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. The Playlist is still in action, and my January self is very happy that my December self took the Together Tidy Time, stocked the freezer with some of my favorite soups, and I’m STILL glad I don’t have to take any holiday lights off the bushes. The Together Team is SO excited for our upcoming in-person classes with Houston Independent Schools and The National Fellowship for Black and Latino Male Educators—and yes, I’ll make sure I board the plane to the correct city.

Our family’s Evermore Era. The assignment was shades of sage and olive.

Anyway. . .  while this newsletter takes a rest in January (you can still find me on Instagram and LinkedIn, and December’s Together Tips are here) we wanted to let you know about 2024’s open enrollment Together Trainings. These online courses provide multiple weeks of Togetherness skills practice, connections with new networks of great people, plenty of jokes, lots of empathy, and practical tips to support your success and sustainability. And for the first time in a few years, we are offering The Together Leader: Extended Edition to include SEVEN weeks of Togetherness, including the popular and necessary Priority Plans and Meeting Matrices!

Aside from the tremendous content and resources shared, I have to say that Maia and the team were highly skilled and professional presenters. You can tell how much they care about presenting well, staying engaged with the participants, and all the time they practice to conduct a flawless training. There’s no doubt that this is the best virtual training I’ve been a part of. They were ready for everything! Breaks were perfectly timed. Each section was just the right amount of time…training, team activity, personal activity, small groups, quick wrap-up, repeat. And I loved the individualized resources.

Bumped into some ski lift companions! PS Remember I just learned to ski three years ago?!

This felt like such a safe space to really discuss the daily struggles of balancing work and personal life. I look forward to implementing some of these strategies and being on way to a more organized and intentional life!

And here is Page 1 of the FourKidFourCat Holiday Shakedown Plan!