July Tips: Race (to Hit Word Count Goals), Rest & Rejuvenation

Jul 10, 2022

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

Our regular newsletter takes summer vacation in July (though you can still find me on Instagram on some #semiTogetherMom #bigblendedfamilyadventures with Dr. Together and Together Farmer and some Together Travel to HoustonNew Orleans, and New York for Together Trainings), but we wanted to remind you of a few Together resources ready for the taking! Whether you are rejuvenating, repairing, or restoring, we’ve got you covered!

Other than that, The Together Team is busy finalizing The Together Teammate manuscript (eeek!), donating here, launching our new website (finally!), reading this, and holding dreams and despair hand-in-hand.

See you in August!

#togetherforever #clipboardsandclogs