Keeping it Together with Cozi

Jan 26, 2017

Well, now that I’ve officially inserted myself into managing time and To-Do’s in your HOMES, let’s just go there all the way, shall we?

I want to preface this post by saying that I fully support spontaneity and last-minuteness in busy households. That said, running out for toilet paper late at night is no one’s favorite job, and calling the veterinarian with all kinds of questions you forgot to ask at the check-up is not a very good use of your workday.

So, that’s the spirit I bring to this conversation. I’m not squashing your souls, I promise.  I just want your lives to be easier.

I’ve heard about Cozi, a family organizer app, for a few years now. I finally got a chance to dig in with Steph K., a principal and manager of principals in Brooklyn, NY.

Maia: Why do you use Cozi?

Steph: My husband Chris and I selected Cozi for a couple of reasons. We wanted online checklists and shopping lists that we could both access at all times. It’s also free, and super user-friendly.

Maia: How do you and Chris use Cozi as a communication tool?

Steph: We both add to the checklists constantly. If one of us goes to CVS, we can open up our CVS list and get everything we need. Or if only one of us can go to our daughter’s doctor appointment, we have all the questions for the pediatrician in one place. We also keep a joint list of To-Do’s. If one of us is passing the bank, we can stop and get money and check it off. When I see that Chris did an errand in the morning, I know I don’t have to take care of it after work.

Here are a few shots of Steph and Chris’s lists:



Maia: How does Cozi help improve your Togetherness?

Steph: No paper lists to keep track of – or lose! Since we always have our phones when we’re out, we always have access to the things that we need to do or buy.

Thanks, Steph, for giving us a sneak peek into your life! In this era of being constantly on the go, lists on bulletin boards and calendars on refrigerators are tough to use effectively. Cozi also seems like a decent option for Thought Catchers and Later Lists.

Other great simple and free choices include:

You could also use any of the tools above to steer your Household Huddle!

As always, I accept zero sponsored posts and do not write solicited product reviews, so any tools I recommend are based purely on my own opinion – for better or worse!

Reader Reflection: What other tools are out there for digital household management?