Little Things: An Answer to the Forgotten Staff Birthday

Oct 22, 2014

I’ve got a teeny, tiny efficiency thing for you today. We focus on Togetherness mostly because it helps you be better at your job and maintain your sanity. But I am also of the firm belief that Togetherness can help you be a better, kinder, more caring colleague.

This post is for you or your school if you’ve ever:

  • Run out to Baskin Robbins to get an ice cream cake for a paraprofessional’s birthday #justintime for a staff meeting
  • Tried to figure out who actually signed a teacher’s birthday card when you have 34 staff signatures down and 34 more to go
  • Plain old forgotten to celebrate or acknowledge someone’s birthday

I was recently roaming around a school in DC and spotted THIS on a teacher’s desk:

I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to be snooping around, but I couldn’t resist bending in for a closer look! This Birthday Cards folder includes:

  1. Cover Sheet: A cover sheet with May birthdays listed across the top (plus a late April belated, good catch!), all staff names down the left side and boxes to check off completion
  2. Card Folder: A handy folder with all cards inside, ready and awaiting signature
  3. Deadline: A clear deadline by which to have all the cards signed and returned

Could this template help your school? We’ve created pretty PDF and modifiable Word versions for you here and here! Now you get to decide who is owning Birthday Patrol for YOUR school / team / organization in the 2014-2015 school year!