Make Your Meetings Less Evil

Aug 3, 2016

Meetings: the bane of a leader’s existence. Meetings are not intrinsically evil, but they are often poorly planned, lack alignment with goals and priorities, have no follow-through, and are a true time-waster. There are many tools out there to help make meetings more efficient, great books, and even podcasts!

But you know me; I like practical, real-life examples. Enter Kimi Kean, a Regional Superintendent for Aspire Public Schools, and her new and improved meeting agendas.

There are so many things I like about Kimi’s standard weekly 1:1 meeting agenda. She’s got:

  1. Clear expectations about who sends the meeting agenda by when
  2. Celebrations and appreciations to both start and end the meeting
  3. Written updates on all work plan areas so she can stay informed on key projects
  4. Time dedicated to problem solving
  5. Room for Kimi, as the manager, to add her own agenda items

Kimi explains why she took the time to align with her team on standard 1:1 meeting agendas: “Last year we didn’t always prepare or use this time intentionally.  Sometimes we would spend check-in time on updates that didn’t need discussion.  I adapted this template from a colleague so that 1) we align check-ins to the big buckets of work we have established in our shared work plan and 2) we spend more of our time together on an in-depth issue rather than updates.  I hope we will experience more Togetherness!”

Kimi and team, I have no doubt your meetings will be more fruitful with this upfront intentionality! Kudos, and keep us posted on how it goes!