Making Grading Faster: Homework Oopsies

Jun 18, 2014

I’m not trying to get you to race through giving your students high-quality feedback, but I hear over and over that you are drowning in grading. I’ve written about Jeff V.’s homework set-up to allow for easier grading and given some other tips on grading efficiency over here and here.

But this latest idea from a middle school teacher at DC Prep may take the cake! This Key of Homework Oopsies points out commonly made errors to students, who then must self-correct. It also saves teacher time. Win-win! Check it out below!

How many times have you written out “no heading” or “incomplete sentence?” Or just corrected the error yourself? Well, no more! High standards and efficiency! Love it.

I could even see creating a higher-level grading code as you teach particular literary concepts, such as “supporting evidence” or “clear conclusion.” Raise your hand if you’ll be creating one of these charts for your classroom next fall?