March Tips: Swim Clinics, Sunshine & Sustainability

Mar 13, 2022

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

I mean, does anyone else feel like they need to call this hotline right now? I certainly could use a positive pep talk from a kindergartener! With so many different domestic and international crises happening at once, my favorite quote was “Their [the students’] creativity and resourcefulness is something we need to emulate, because that level of joy and love and imagination is what’s going to save us in the end.” #togethertruth

In an attempt at some joy myself, every Sunday night since January, I have (somewhat) voluntarily found myself face down in a pool for a 90-minute endurance swim clinic. You see, somehow, I have managed to scrape my way through TEN open water triathlons without any formal swim training, weathering sea nettles, algae blooms, and crashing waves. Yet, I was always one of the slowest women out of the water. I finally decided to do something about this in 2022, and so this is how I find myself winded, humbled, and exhilarated every Sunday evening.

Having no formal swim technique training since getting tossed in the YMCA pool in Bangor, Maine at age 6, I find everything about the clinic fascinating, and the parts that have stuck with me most are. . . intentional rest, variance of speed, and to take help when you need it. You experienced swimmers know what I’m talking about. Our coach posts the torturous workouts, and there are phrases like, “steady,” “hard,” “easy,” “use your pull buoy and fins.” The entire swim forces you to moderate your tempo, your energy, and to rest.

Maybe the swim clinic rest periods are just 15 – 20 seconds between sets, but it is a reminder of what we can learn as we plan our weeks. When are your steady states? When are you all out pushing toward an important priority? Where is your rest built in your calendar? When do you plan to call for help (hello pull buoys!) Let me know here (with details and screenshots!), and I’d love to feature you in an upcoming blog or newsletter to share your best practices about intentional rest with others. PS I also swam 3300 yards last week (YES, THAT IS 1.8 MILES), and then was so hungry I scavenged the glove compartment of my car and found some year-old Kit-Kats and ate them in one gulp.

Over here in the Together-verse, we are eagerly looking into the spring and summer seasons. We are excited to offer a rare The Together Teacher open enrollment class on Tuesday, March 15, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM EDT, with a focus on rest and rejuvenation as we plan our weeks. This is a great option if a school wants to send just a few teachers ($45/teacher), or if a teacher wants to sign up individually. We will focus on building out a week that prioritizes rest, rejuvenation and staying focused on the right things. For those of you school leaders thinking about summer professional development – whether one of our classes or a keynote on teacher sustainability – let us know here.

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Top Together Tributes 

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