March Together Tips: Pivoting, Parenting, and Pandemics + Together Online Learning!

Mar 16, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

So, interruptions in service all around these days. . . Between public health worries, rescheduling multiple Together gatherings, my own kids’ school closures, economic disruptions and more, it has been a wild few weeks. I admit I was THIS CLOSE to packing up the old Honda Pilot and heading to my sister’s farm in Maine. I mean, she already homeschools my two nieces, so I could just join right in and create a Heyck-Merlin commune up in the woods. But. . .

This article by my friend and fellow author Jen was a helpful dose for me to keep it all in perspective. So I remain here, in the DC-burbs, trying to help physician neighbors juggle childcare issues and think how we can all pitch in right now. I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and doing okay amidst the turmoil. Based on your requests, I’ve published a Together Pandemic Parent article. Please share it widely and let me know what could be added!

Together Webinars! Pivot to Together Online Opportunities

While we had to reschedule our March, April, and May events in multiple cities, Togetherness must carry on! If I cannot meet you in person as planned, we will gather online. Luckily, The Together Team has a lot of experience with interactive, fun, productive online learning opportunities. We will have polls, chats, videos and more.

Top Together Takeaways

  • Need help working and meeting remotely? Even though I have worked from home on and off for almost two decades, this and this were helpful reminders.
  • Planning a virtual team retreat or gathering? I loved these tips around “assume you are in the room.”
  • Hosting your own online learning opportunity? Some really great reminders here about establishing community.
  • Looking for some Together Time with your kids? This list is great! Long time fan of baking and Go-Noodle.
  • And. . . Love this link to Daddy school with a sample schedule and realistic expectations! Of course, if everything breaks down like in my home, there is always string and Scotch-tape!