March Together Tips: Segmenting, Schitt’s Creek & Sandwich Cookies

Mar 8, 2021

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

So apparently there is this thing called TikTok that I just discovered. Have you heard of it?

I kid, I kid. (Though I have tried to convince my children that my phone doesn’t support games or social media, AND THEY ALMOST BELIEVE ME!)

Maia’s Adventures in TikTok Land began when I wanted to cook this feta cheese thing, and then fell down a rabbit hole of teacher hilarity about Folding in the Cheese. And while I’ve never seen Schitt’s Creek (stop yelling at me, I don’t like comedy, I’m a drama woman!), I’m thinking I should take a spin ever since the incident with the LA teachers. Was this a compliment? Unclear.

Over here in the Together Universe, after an epic moment of Pandemic Panic, we have been thinking a lot about gratitude in all places, especially in the midst of our country’s grief. I have never been one to be fully moved by numbers, but individual stories do choke me up. I got sucked into an Adam Grant vortex after this podcast (and reviewing this past book), been trying to send Certificates of Awesome to my girlfriends (hat tip, Beth!), and spent time writing Google reviews for small business owners who’ve saved me, from my physical therapist for my back or the amazing shoe repair place that reincarnated my winter boots!

As we come up on marking one year since the pandemic turned the world upside down (not really an anniversary worth celebrating, but perhaps one worth honoring), my friend Lindsay sent along these helpful journal prompts. Per usual, I found my solace in strenuous outdoor activity. This time, I headed to the woods of West Virginia to reflect on how my team has adapted to meet the needs of the momenthow we are still learning, and if I’m energized or exhausted by helping others and pivoting 15 years of hard work. Both. I think I’m both. Speaking of, almost TEN years after its iconic original release, The Together Teacher Second Edition (with over 30 percent new content!) is available for pre-sale. If your original copy is dog-eared and bookmarked, please consider ordering a new copy!

We are in summer planning mode these days, but our spring classes are in full force, our Together Forever private group (have you joined?) is hopping, and we are all looking for light wherever we can find it. I mean, viral cat lawyer?!? Add this to the pandas rolling in snow and maybe I AM a video person. . . Send me your best clips!

#togetherforever #clipboardsandclogs


PS Now that February Film Tuesdays are done, the kiddos and I have started Walking Wednesdays. Per usual, we have a mileage competition and the walk ends at our local bagel/donut shop. How far should we walk next? Also, YOUR WALK WON’T SAVE YOU!

PPS Apropos of exactly nothing, I’ve been on a bit of a baking kick and decided I need to be the woman who shows up to (eventual) barbecues with these ready to go. DELISH. And oh so retro.

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