Meghan’s Week: Before and After

Jan 15, 2015

This fall, we met Meghan and her awesome file box. Now let’s take a peek at what else she keeps in that clipboard contraption of hers.

To start, Meghan relies on a customized paper-based Weekly Worksheet to map out her week in advance.

The Before

Here’s what Meghan’s Weekly Worksheet looks like on Monday morning:

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There are LOTS of things I love here, but I’ll limit myself to three:

1. She breaks up her days into 15-minute increments. This is so helpful in a school building when you’re required to make do with small pockets of time.

2. School happenings, like lunch and dismissal, are greyed-out so Meghan can plan her whereabouts accordingly.

3. Her known meetings are all listed.

The After

Here is Meghan’s very same Weekly Worksheet, but this time at the end of the week. . .because. . . things change!

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I love how Meghan uses her Weekly Worksheet not just as a planning tool, but as a capture tool throughout the week as well!

1. Responsibilities change: As tasks like breakfast duty were added to Meghan’s plate, she could easily see if she was available and adjust her schedule accordingly.

2. New tasks pop up: Meghan added in a lot of To-Do’s as they came in during the week. Whether it was buying a sketchbook or obtaining Fundations baseline data, Meghan could jot down the task in the moment, and then see them all in the same place.

3. Short- and long-term To-Do’s are separate: I love making sure that the jobs for this week and those for the “beyond” are separated—or else lists can feel overwhelming. Meghan has a whole section for Long-Term To-Do’s, so she can sort in the moment.

Reader Reflection: What does your before and after Weekly Worksheet look like?