More Together Clipboards

Nov 15, 2017

I LOVE my clipboard. I often find myself printing my Outlook calendar and tossing it on a clipboard. I bring one to Girl Scout meetings. I certainly cannot teach without one.

And whether you’re cleaning them outadmiring Sage’s awesome contraption, or digging Stephen’s construction, I know YOU all love clipboards too! So this summer, when I met Kendall, a school leader from KIPP DC, who was in the back of my session visiting The Together Toolbar (oh yeah, that’s a THING!) I was all, “What’s HAPPENING back here?”

Kendall shared her magic with me. The first thing on top of her clipboard is Kendall’s Daily Planner. Here’s a fresh sheet. She’s customized it perfectly for her role, including sections like:

  • Today’s Tasks
  • Today’s Calls
  • Today’s Teacher Observations

And so on. This makes it easy for Kendall to segment her work, and also ensure she focuses on the RIGHT work, which is harder to do than it sounds.

And here’s a view at the END of the day. Well used and well loved!

Kendall works in a digital calendar environment, so check this out. She keeps a printed version of her Google calendar on her clipboard, too. This way, she can make sure she has time to actually do the stuff on her Daily Planner. The perfect union of Whats and Whens!

And of course, hiding on the second page is Kendall’s Later List, nicely segmented by Start Month and by buckets of her life, including work, graduate school and hobbies!

Keeping all this info on her clipboard makes it readily accessible during the day’s travels!

Thanks, Kendall, for the clipboard tour!