More Together Students: Weekly Worksheets for Your Class!

Sep 23, 2020

Well, based on your love for Chrystie’s kids, we thought another Together Student post was in order. We came across this student-facing Weekly Worksheet from the folks at Gem Innovation Prep in Idaho, and we LOVE IT.

Sonya L., their Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development, says:

“We now use this basic template K-12 with modifications depending on grade-level. Teacher teams across the network complete the weekly scholar agendas before pushing them out for scholars to own as they go into their week. We have found that teachers, scholars, and parents love this new resource! Not only does it help scholars stay organized, but it also builds student ownership of their learning, academic accountability, and college-ready competencies like time management and goal setting!!”

Elementary Weekly Worksheet (click to enlarge)

Want to see it in action? Here is a completed version! Love the Mom’s birthday.

Completed Elementary Student Weekly Worksheet (click to enlarge)

And for our bigger kids? We have them covered too!

Secondary Student Weekly Worksheet (click to enlarge)

I love so much about these (and wish my own children’s elementary school would do something similar!). In particular, I’m drawn to the:

  • Consistency, yet flexibility. Teachers can adapt as they need to, but there’s a common starting point.
  • Student customization. Kids can add their own notes. Combine that with Chrystie’s HAVE and WANT to-do lists, and we’ve got some serious planning.
  • Simple aesthetics. How things look has a big impact on our ability to interact with them, especially amongst so many other distractions right now!

Here is a student completed version!

Completed Secondary Student Weekly Worksheet (click to enlarge)

“When we pivoted to online learning last spring, we were challenged by how to organize assignments, lessons, and independent work expectations. We wanted to develop a framework that allowed students to take ownership of their learning while still feeling supported by their teachers. These digital planners are pushed out weekly to each scholar via Canvas. Students then add to and edit their own planner, check off items as they complete them, and submit it back to their teacher for review at the end of each week.”

Amazing! What about you? Any student-facing assignment sheets to share?