My Winter “Play” List

Dec 11, 2020

OK. It’s official. My doom scrolling habit has lingered post-election. While I’m beyond grateful for my health, I’m also aware that being a solo self-employed parent in a pandemic comes with just a wee bit of stress. I can feel the darkness of the next few months settling in—though can I recommend Flashlight Tag as the perfect wintertime pandemic game? I’ve led both my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and my son’s second grade friends in this insane game in the woods, and I think it’s the purest fun I’ve had all fall.

Speaking of fun, if I may, I took this Play Quiz, and I’m SO SO HEAVILY The Director. But since that’s all out the window right now, I’m leaning into #7, The Artist. I also have a heavy dose of #2, but that’s just built into my day already as habit!

Because I always love a lot of choices– and because I know my own tendencies–I went ahead and built myself a “Play” list for the evenings when I’m home alone, those 15 minutes when Instagram is screaming my name, or the early mornings when I have a few extra moments to spare. I made sure to have all materials ready, such as recipe links, art supplies, and hard copies of novels, and I made myself a menu of options. Nothing on here is NECESSARY, but building in play during these dark times has been a lifesaver.

Judge me not, my friends. I’ve pasted a version for you below.

(Click to Enlarge.)

What about you? What’s on your Winter Play List this year?