New Book & Summer Together (Online) Tour

Jul 1, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

After dropping my new book on Amazon in 3.75 weeks, I’ve honestly been in a bit of recovery mode. I’ve been trying to soak up newer resources on racial justice and education, and I’ve been inspired by this series from TNTPthis powerful post from Thaly, and the learning series White Leaders Working on Racism by our friends at Leading Elephants.

I’m also feeling extremely inspired by what some of my edu-colleagues are sharing with the world, especially Koya Leadership Partner’s article on inclusiveness in virtual settings and Possip’s post on teacher schedules. I was also honored to be featured on Education Tomorrow’s podcast sharing all about the new book, and I’m SUPER EXCITED to listen to my author bestie’s new podcast on a long drive to my homeland for some summer R&R! Speaking of new things I’m super excited about, we have another (free) Together Talk for Teachers and book giveaway happening this month!

My heart ached as we took a damp paper towel to all the Vis a Vis calendar entries for our entire 2020 Together Tour. But please remember you’re invited to our online Together courses running throughout the summer. Our June sessions were packed, and some people have said these feel better than my in-person stuff! What?!?

Feel free to reach out – whether to say hello, give me an air hug, or share more about what I can do to support you. I’m particularly interested in how people are (attempting) to plan ahead, and maintaining student and staff culture during extended school closures. So if you have thoughts, send them here!



Together Tales, Trials, and Triumphs 

Top Together Tributes

  • Top Leader Lessons: Just because you’re the leader, doesn’t mean you need to be the hero. Read how to shift out of hero mode here. This deeply personal piece about Black Superwoman Syndrome by my colleague Tresha was a powerful read as well.
  • Top Virtual Meeting Maxims: Transitioning to virtual meetings doesn’t have to be a struggle! Take a look at these ideas to make them more inclusive.
  • Top WiFi Wiki: Working from home may be putting a strain on your WiFi, but don’t buy anything – check out these tips instead!
  • Top Wellness Wise Words: Teacher Appreciation Week may be long gone, but staff wellness should continue year-round. Here are some ideas to help promote a positive staff atmosphere. Alicia also assembled (and continues to grow) a Global Majority Education Consultants and Vendors list.

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