New (School) Year, New You!

Sep 11, 2017

Together Friends, it’s been a while. The past four weeks have been a whirlwind of Together Travel (here and here) and some personal travel (glamping and back to the homeland!). While most school-people think about the “New Year” starting in January, is still a nice feeling of renewal out there right now in January. Some of my favorite bloggers have us tracking time, setting professional goals, or doing an eating reset.

What if for the 2017-18 academic year you resolved to…

1. Find one lingering To-Do that’s been loitering on your list and kill it once and for all? And I mean DO NOT DO IT. Release it. Set it free. Goodbye! For me, this involves filing a gazillion old papers. I finally just glanced though them and RECYCLED them all. There was no real filing needed. And if I need the instructional manual to my coffee pot, well, Google is my friend.

2. Find one To-Do that has the potential to be game changing for your overall future efficiency. I know this one for me: Register for TSA pre-check for crying out loud. Every week, I see this on my Later List and push it off; too much time, too much trouble. But really, Maia, you are on airplanes EVERY week!!!

3. Find one To-Do that will save you time on a daily basis. This one is also easy for me. At least four times per week, I Google this salad dressing recipe I love. I should finally just paste it over to my Evernote and tag it with my recipes.

4. Organize one space in your home, office, or car that will make your life easier. I know what I need here — some kind of car organizer filled with water, granola bars, Band-Aids and other emergency items! This would save me some mad scrambles when I’m out at the park with my kids on the weekend.

5. Organize one pile of papers or set of objects that bring you joy. Perhaps joy is the wrong word, but sparked by this, I’m committing to using ArtKive or another old-fashioned binder system to curate my children’s art, photos, and other school stuff that’s been piling up in a box.

What’s a back-to-school Together-ness commitment YOU will make?