November Together Tips: Exhaling, Escaping & Engaging

Nov 13, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,


I don’t really have words to describe my relief at the outcome of our presidential election. I’ve watched the street celebrations with joy, but also know there are great challenges ahead. I know my yard signs have earned me some unfollows, but I’m unapologetic about basic human decency, integrity, and equity. As one of my Black friends wrote to me back in June, “Though we share such similar experiences (educators, women, mothers, entrepreneurs), the distance between our lives breaks my heart.  I appreciate you for who you are as an individual and pray that as a collective of white women, y’all find solutions for my children as you would your own.” Challenge accepted. There is still much more work ahead for The Together Group and for me as a human being.

My offerings this month are slim because DOOM-scrolling, but I managed to (barely) submit this manuscriptTogether Troop lead, escape to some much-needed nearby nature, and for my own frivolous amusement–I’m dressing in peak Zoom outfits these days. I have also found time to interview some more Together Students, and I cannot WAIT to share their stories with you. Oh, yeah, and we added a host of 2021 Together Trainings.  And if getting organized-teaching-from-home is still a challenge, we can help you here.



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Together Treasure Box 

  • Want to see a fourth grader’s To-Do List? Fall over with delight at MJ’s Togetherness!
  • Engaging Families in Remote Learning? KIPP MA shared a parent workshop here!
  • Setting up a WFH Space?  Check out Jen’s creative Work from Home Cubby!

Top Together Tributes

  • Top Online Culture Curriculum: Read here about Reconstruction US, an online curriculum for educating Black children about their culture.
  • Top Home Organization Course: Become the boss of your house with this digital course from my dear friend Julie!
  • Top Tech Tools: Take a look at Pear Deck and Kami, two apps that can help organize your content and engage your students online.
  • Top Support Team Tips: Successfully support your team’s mental health with tips found here.
  • Top Teacher Learning Strategy: Build a space for teachers to learn together while distance teaching with a practice called public learning.
  • Top Anti-Racist Ally Strategies: Become a stronger ally with these strategies.

Click here to reserve your own Together (Online) Training. We have 2, 4, and 6-hour versions ready to go!